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Year 6

Learning From Home

This Year 6 website page has now been updated to include all the planning and resources your child needs to complete their home learning activities.

Please keep up to date with this webpage as it will continue to be updated and soon include lots of website links, pictures, videos and resources that you can access at home to help you support your child with their learning. 

Robinwood 2019 Celebration Assembly Video

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Please enjoy the video celebrating the recent Year 6 trip to Robinwood

Year 6 SATs Presentation 2019/2020

Year 6 - 2019/2020


Year 6 have had a busy start to the new school year. Not only have they had Robinwood, they've also had a trip to the library, a visit from the NSPCC and worked hard on improving self-esteem. 



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Robinwood - 2019


The children had a wonderful time at Robinwood. They were enthusiastic, polite and demonstrated positive attitudes. They pushed themselves to their limits and we are very proud of them. More pictures to follow!

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Year 6 Robinwood information PowerPoint

Year 6 Sats Good Luck Video

In order to prepare the Year 6's for their forthcoming SATs, some of their parents and carers recorded some secret video messages that we shared with the children on the Friday afternoon before SATs.

Year 6 SATs Video Messages 2019

Uploaded by Royton Hall Primary & Nursery School on 2019-05-17.

Year 6 Trip - World Museum, Liverpool

Year 6 recently visited the World Museum in Liverpool. We went as part of our History topic of 'Ancient Egypt'. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and took part in a 'Meet the Mummy' workshop and also handled a number of Ancient Egyptian artefacts. 

Robinwood 2018 Celebration Assembly Video

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Please enjoy our Robinwood celebration assembly video!

Year 6 SATs Meeting Information

Burger Making

6H had a great time making burgers as part of their DT topic. It was messy, the smell spread all around the upper floor of the school... but they got to taste the end product, so it was all worthwhile!

BBC Live Lesson

Year 6 recently took part in a BBC Live Lesson. This involved the children getting active with a Super Movers Live Lesson all about shapes and spaces, live from the Etihad Campus, home of Premier League Champions Manchester City FC.

It featured special guests including maths experts and famous faces from football, and the  lesson explored the properties of 2D shapes and delved into area and perimeter, symmetry and coordinates.

The children had a lot of fun taking part in the lesson and even got a mention on the screen during the lesson!


Year 6 Business Challenge 2018


Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been working hard on their Business Challenge project. This involved them setting up a company, choosing a designated charity, deciding upon roles and responsibilities, designing and making products, advertising the products and devising a business plan. This culminated in a trading day at Tesco and a Dragons Den event the following week. The children put in a lot of effort and were rewarded with a 3rd place finish and a prize of £50. They decided to donate this prize to the profit made from the sales of the products which meant we sent a healthy cheque for £212 to our chosen charity, Young Minds.

Feel free to visit our website for more information or look at the slide show below.

Year 6 Sats Good Luck Video

In order to prepare the Year 6's for their forthcoming SATs, some of their parents and carers recorded some secret video messages that we shared with the children on the Friday afternoon before SATs.

Disability Awareness Day

The school recently received a visit from John McCorkell who ran a number of workshops linked to Royton Hall's Disability Awareness Day. They discovered what it would be like to be visually impaired, took part in some sign language and lip reading activities and also experienced doing everyday tasks in a wheelchair. The children were fully engaged and respectful throughout.  

World Science Day 2017

Year 6 have had great fun celebrating World Science Day. They have learnt how to make an instrument to make a duck call, made a water whistle and have also made a dancing ghost!


Robinwood 2017 Video

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Resilience Workshop

Working with the local charity MIND, we have been taking part in sessions to develop resilience.  During our first session we were supported in recognising personal strengths in ourselves and in our classmates.  Next, as part of group work, we discussed the range of emotions we may experience at different times in our lives and the physical effects they can have on our bodies as well as on our mental health.  We are currently learning techniques to help us deal and cope with our emotions positively.  Ask us how deep breathing can help calm us down and feel more relaxed!


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Ancient Egyptians


As part of our Year 6 topic on Ancient Egyptians, we have been making canopic jars at Oldham Academy North with ceramics teacher Mrs Hill.  While enjoying getting messy, we have learnt techniques such as: rolling out clay; marking out a template and cutting and smoothing out edges.  Our masterpieces will be baked in a kiln oven and will be on display in school soon - watch this space!

Year 6 Meeting PowerPoint

Having a GREAT time at...



As part of their learning in History, Year 6 had an educational, interactive and thoroughly enjoyable visit to the 'Egyptian Worlds' gallery! They met Asru, an important lady from Ancient Egypt, survived an encounter with T-Rex and even saw a mummified cat!


Massive thanks to the parent helpers who made our visit possible, as well as the superb staff at the museum!  If you have some spare time, we would highly recommend a return visit!  


Here's a link to the website:

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