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Year 5

Year 5 Archive 2019/2020

A Message from Mrs Bradley

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Learning From Home

This Year 5 website page has now been updated to include all the planning and resources your child needs to complete their home learning activities.

Please keep up to date with this webpage as it will continue to be updated and soon include lots of website links, pictures, videos and resources that you can access at home to help you support your child with their learning. 

2019 / 2020


Year 5 have been very busy this academic year. We have visited Jodrell Bank and learnt a lot of interesting facts. We also visited Royton and Crompton High School and took part in a number of activities linked to our World War Two topic.

From Farm to Fork

This week we visited our local supermarket, Tesco in Chadderton to take part in a sustainability walk around the store. We investigated which products were Fairtrade and certified by the Rainforest Alliance on different aisles. We discovered that the coffee, tea and sugar aisle contained the most products certified by both! We also had the chance to try cocoa before it had been processed into the chocolate bars we know, which we didn't particularly like! We also were able to try different types of fish such as sardines, mackerel and tuna. Some of us liked them and some of us thought otherwise!


In English we have been exploring and writing discussion texts relating to our topic, Fairtrade. An unusual package arrived in Mrs Sterritt whilst we were doing P.E and inside was a rather large banana called T.B (Top Banana.) He was sent from Columbia along with a letter from a farmer of bananas. It told us all about Fairtrade and those countries without Fairtrade. As part of our discussion text we constructed a balanced argument, using researched evidence and statements from Mrs Charlton, to present our findings and our own opinion.

World War II Research

The children in Year 5 were extremely fortunate to be able to go to Tandle View Court to interview some of the residents about their experiences during World War II. They asked them about their memories of evacuation, rationing and the bombing that took place in Oldham in 1944. The children were very enthusiastic, respectful and attentive.

Topic – World War II

Throughout Topic this term Year Five have been exploring and learning about World War Two. The children have been working in small groups to research an aspect of WWII in depth (such as the Manchester Blitz, what was invented and use during the war, who were the world leaders at the time). From the information gathered, the children have collated their findings and produced a power-point presentation to show to the rest of the class.

English (Hot-seating a main character)

To get to know our main protagonist, David from our class story, Friend or Foe. The children produced questions, using the Blooms Taxonomy, to ask him questions to learn more about his character, background and opinions. Children sat on the ‘hot seat’ and answered some of the questions as David.

We also introduced other characters from the story to get to know them better.

English – Recount (Letter)

In Literacy Year Five are currently learning about recount texts, such as letters and diary entries. To gain an idea of what a letter looks like, what the common features are what its purpose is, every child received an enclosed envelope containing a letter. We discussed, as a class and in talk partners, what it contained and what made it good and what could be improved. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity as some of them had never received a personal letter before.

Welcome to Year 5!

As part of our learning in maths, we use concrete materials to develop our understanding. We have used counters, cubes, sticks and lots more equipment to help us to solve problems. We found that this not only makes our learning easier, but we also have lots of fun! Here are some examples of the fun maths from this term. 



As part of our learning in History, Year 5 took a step back in time to World War 2 by visiting Portland Basin Museum. Dressed as evacuees, we experienced what life was like in the 1940’s and stepped into role as evacuated children, host families and home guard officers. The visit gave the children the chance to explore the interactive museum by experiencing a fascinating 1940’s classroom, a stocked grocery shop, church, doctors and even a local pub! We took part in role plays, followed the history trail and even made and ate sugar butties! 
This fun trip was a huge success and enjoyed by all children and staff. We would highly recommend a visit if you have any spare time. The website link is below.

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