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Year 3/4

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MAMMA's Year 3/4!

The children have been working really hard and now they are ready to perform!  BIG, BIG THANKS are due to Mr Hobson and the Oldham Music Service for giving the children of Royton Hall such a valuable learning experience.  ENJOY!

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The children of Year 3/4 have had an absolutely fantabulous time, learning and reciting from memory the gramazing poetry of Lewis Carroll!  The frumious Bandersnatch was NO MATCH for their literary VORPAL SWORD!  Check out the frabjous performances below!

(NB: fantabulous, gramazing, frumious and frabjous are all examples of PORTMANTEAU words...your child should be able to explain!)

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Welcome to the RAINFOREST!

This term, Year 3/4 will be investigating the rainforest through literacy, geography and art!  We have been very impressed with the children's learning logs so far!  Here are some examples...

Let's go LIVE to Myla Crumple and Marsha Crinkle for more.....

Live to the RAINFOREST!.MP4

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The children ended the term in real style with their fantastic production of THE BUTTON BOX!  We were taken on a thrilling journey around the world in SONG, MUSIC, DANCING AND FANTASTIC ACTING! Well done Year 3 and 4...and A BIG THANK YOU TO PARENTS AND CARERS for their support!

For Science Week 2018, Year 3/4 investigated the importance of hygiene by observing the effect of touching bread with clean hands and another piece with dirty hands. We then explored the school in order to find the dirtiest area. We chose which area we wanted to test, took swabs from this area and then spread these swabs over a third piece of bread. We used a fourth piece of bread as a ‘control’ piece to ensure a fair test and to compare the growth of mould when making our observations. We discovered that the dirtiest place in our school was the hall floor and that it is very important to keep our hands clean and dry to avoid bacteria build up!
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Year 3 & 4 invade Chester!

Royton Hall certainly made their presence felt as part of their learning in Chester.  Marching through the town centre, dressed as Roman soldiers, was an experience they will never forget!  Take a look at the gallery to see what we got up too!