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Year 1

Year One

2022 / 2023 Academic Year

Forest Schools

Once a week the children of Year One visit Forest Schools! Forest Schools is an outdoor learning provision which enables pupils to learn about their natural surroundings through adult led tasks and free exploration. Have a look at what we have been up to so far!


2021 / 2022 Academic Year 

Find out what we are learning about in Year One!


Summer Term

This term we are exploring the question, 'How far will you go?' This will include lots of fun learning opportunities about adventurers and explorers. In our English work, we will be creating fact files about Christopher Columbus. We will also be looking at a "Little People, Big Dreams" text all about Amelia Earhart.

In Geography, we shall be exploring where the North Pole, South Pole and the Equator are located and also learning about the different points on a compass.

Our Design and Technology work this term will consist of "food technology". The children will be designing their own "power food" that an explorer would take with them on an adventure. The children will then create their power food using a range of ingredients.

In addition to this, our computing work will consist of learning how to create a painting using a digital programme. In Science, the children will be learning about common plants we would find in the UK and also how to identify and name the key parts of a plant.

Find out what we are learning about in Year One!


Spring 2

This term we are exploring the question, 'Why do we have castles in the UK?' In History we will be learning about the Battle of Hastings and the many castles the Normans built around the UK. We will be developing our designing, making and evaluating skills through D.T as we work in teams to build castle weapons such as trebuchets! To top it all off we will be visiting Hoghton Tower where will learn about knights and how things were done many years ago!


Spring 1

During Spring 1 we explored the topic, 'Who am I?' Through History, Science and Literacy we will be exploring what makes us, us - from our own human body to our special families!

In Literacy we will be reading and diving into the classical favourite, Dogger by Shirley Hughes and later reading Paddington's Post by Michael Bond.

We will also be exploring the past and present by looking at special toys we play with and the toys our parents/grandparents played with when they were little to begin to understand how things change throughout time. We will also be learning more about our local area, where we live and our own addresses! Do you know yours?



In Year One we have learnt about...

Autumn 2

This half term's topic is Aladdin! We will be exploring the traditional tale of Aladdin in Literacy, getting to know all the characters and writing a recount of a magical carpet ride over Royton, spotting familiar sites as we travel such as Sparkles and Lidl! To explore what Aladdin can see from his magical carpet we will be learning about Aerial views in Geography, exploring these through the use of Google Earth and creating models using Lego, then taking aerial view pictures.

We will also begin to rehearse for our Christmas Nativity show, The Masked Singer and perform to the older children in school. We can't wait!


Autumn 1


The Year 1 topic this half term is called, “Marvellous Magic”. In Literacy, the children will be focusing on the text, “Meg & Mog” and will be using this to complete exciting pieces of writing. In Maths, Year 1 will be concentrating on numbers up to 10 including place value, addition and subtraction. In Science, the children will be learning about everyday materials and in Geography, the focus will be on the different countries in the United Kingdom and the surrounding seas.