Corona Virus Notice

For the most up to date information about Corona Virus and how we are all responding to this situation please view our Corona Virus Information page via this LINK or via the Key Information Menu.

Home Page

Who's Who

Leadership Team

Miss T Wood - Headteacher
Mrs S Charlton - Deputy Headteacher


Mrs K Black - Business Manager
Mrs J Chetram - School Administrator
Mrs D Fish - School Administrator


Mrs A O'Malley - Inclusion Co-ordinator

Teachers - Foundation

Miss V Holt - Reception (Foundation Stage Leader)
Miss K McKee - Reception
Mrs L Cartmill - Nursery

Teachers - Key Stage 1

Mr D Charnock - Year 2 Teacher (KS1 Leader)
Miss R Finn  - Year 1 Teacher
Miss J Linger - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs A Cousins - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs K Armbrister - Year 2 Teacher

Teachers - Key Stage 2

Miss D Roberts - Year 3/4 Teacher (LKS2 Leader)
Miss B Unsworth - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Moore - Year 4 Teacher
Mr A Payton - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs B Bradley - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs J Sterritt - Year 5 Teacher
Mr T Belfield - Year 6 Teacher (UKS2 Leader)
Mrs C Allen - Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs R Bradshaw
Miss S Begum
Mrs E Butterworth
Mrs L Collinson
Miss G Dutson - HLTA
Miss K Ebden
Mrs J Glynn - Senior TA
Mrs J Heald
Mrs J Hill
Miss K Kenny
Mrs K McLean
Miss R Neale
Miss J Oates
Mrs C Porter
Miss H Ransome
Mrs C Russell-Roberts
Mrs V Stainthorpe
Mrs K Swindell
Mr B Travis

Midday Supervisors

Mrs S Bowers-Slater - Midday leader

Mr N Ashton

Mrs J Leonard

Mrs J Bullock

Mrs A Molloy 

Mrs A Doe


Premises Staff

Mr D Davies - Premises Manager

Mrs J Kelly

Mrs Bullock


Kitchen Staff 

Mrs J Berry - Kitchen Manager 

Mrs B Valentine

Mrs V Downing

Mrs J Quinlan 

Miss R Lee