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As part of our topic, 'The Sea', we became pirates for the day.

We dressed up, went on a treasure hunt, played pirate games, walked the plank, sang sea shanties and learnt some pirate sayings! We had lots of fun!

"Arrr, me hearties!"

May 2019 - When we arrived at school we had a wonderful surprise! Our school field had been turned into a farm! We had great fun looking at the farm animals. We learnt lots about them and even got to pet and feed them.

Thank you to Jacaranda Farm for a wonderful day!

We all had a wonderful time at our Easter Fun Afternoon.

The children had made Easter bonnets and creations at home for the parade and competition. They were fantastic! Well done to everyone and a special well done to our 3 winners; Kate, Savannah and Honey.

We then sang some Easter songs to our grown ups and took part in lots of different Easter Craft activities.

Happy Easter!

We all took part in the Easter Bunny Hop to raise money for a school Christmas treat at the end of the year. 

We hopped for 5 laps of the big playground, wearing out bunny ears. We then came back to class and ate a crunchy carrot for snack!


Red Nose Day

We had a great day dressing up and wearing funny noses for Red Nose Day.

We talked about helping others who are less fortunate than we are and also raised money for the Comic Relief charity.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2

We had fun celebrating 'World Book Day'.

We wore fantastic costumes and talked about our favourite books we like to read.

We even got a visit from different teachers, who came to read stories to us!

Safer Internet Day

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

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Safer Internet Day 2019

We listened to a story and watched some advice videos about internet safety and discussed how we can stay safe online. We then created posters to share the advice with others. 

We recorded ourselves sharing our top tips for internet safety!


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As part of Children's Mental Health Week 2019, we took part in some yoga sessions to promote positive thinking, mindfulness ad wellbeing. 

Namaste :)


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Reception had a visit from the 'Owl Man' called Gareth. He showed us lots of different types of owls and taught us some amazing facts! We got the stroke the owl called 'Kermit' and got to hold him! We even got to see some of the owls fly over us!

Mrs Roberts brought some of her guinea pigs into school to meet us. Their names are Boris and Sam. We watched them run around the classroom and even poo on the carpet! We got to pet each one and they were very fluffy and cuddly. 

Here are the pictures from our Christmas festivities:

Christmas Dinner Day

Christmas Party

Christmas Crafts

All of our EYFS children took part in our nativity, 'A Miracle in Town'.

The children were fantastic and made both staff and parents very proud!

Well done everyone!

The children had a very special lunch time in Reception. Their parents came to visit and had their lunch with them! The children showed them where to line up, what they needed to collect from the trolley and how to order their food. They then showed them where to sit and where to put their trays once they had finished.

The children loved having their parents and carers with them for lunch!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined the nursery children in their classroom for a special independent learning time.

Reception had a trip to Manchester Airport to see the aeroplanes. We had a fantastic time!

We got to watch planes take off and land, the runway was very busy! We then got to go on board a real aeroplane and took on the different roles of the airport staff. We even got to sit in the flight deck and pretend to fly the plane!


We celebrated Remembrance Day 2018. We watched the 'Poppy Story' and talked about the brave soldiers who fought for our country.

We then got creative and made poppies using a variety of media.

This has made a lovely display.

Lest we forget.

Parent Literacy Project

We held our first 'Parent Literacy Project' session in October. 

The theme during this session was the 'Reading Carousel Challenges'.

Activities included: Reading a book with sounds, re-telling a story to an adult, reading in a comfy chair, reading whilst having a snack and listening to someone else read. 

We set a timer and had to complete all the activities in the time given. 

The children enjoyed their reading challenges and working with their grown-up from home. 

Thank you to those parents and carers who joined us for the session. We look forward to the next session!

National Poetry Day 2018

National Poetry Day 2018 1
National Poetry Day 2018 2
National Poetry Day 2018 3
National Poetry Day 2018 4

Nursery and Reception took part in 'National Poetry Day', as part of a whole school celebration. 

Nursery performed the poem "Zoom! Zoom!",  to link with their space topic. 

Reception performed the poem "Everybody Has a Name", as we have been practising reading and writing our names and learning about our identity and respect for others. 

We were a little nervous at first, but once we were up on the stage, we found our confident voices. 

Well done everyone!

The Bug Lady came to visit us in school! She brought lots of different minibeasts for us to explore, including; stick insects, snails and cockroaches!

We looked carefully at each minibeast and learnt some interesting facts.

We also got to feel and hold some of the minibeasts and some children even had a stick insect crawl up their leg!

We all had great fun and enjoyed looking back at our pictures.

Minibeast Hunt!

We went on a Minibeast Hunt to see what creepy crawlies we could find around our school grounds.

We spotted a ladybird, a spider, a beetle, some flies, some snails and a worm! 

We then came back to the classroom and drew pictures of the minibeasts we had found.

We went on a trip to 'Blue Planet Aquarium'. We had a fantastic time! We explored all the different zones and saw lots of different types of sea life.

We got to stroke a star fish, watch the divers feed the sting rays and even got up close and personal with our toothy friends! Sharks!!

What a wonderful day!

We had a fantastic time celebrating the royal wedding with our whole school picnic. 

We had sandwiches and biscuits and all waved a Union Jack flag. 

We even had some special visitors!

April 2018 - We had a visit from the 'Pop Project' for our assembly today. The focus was 'I Feel Good'. We learnt how to look after our body, our mind and our spirit to make us feel good. We sang lots of songs and learnt some new dances. We had great fun and couldn't get the songs out of our heads!

"I feel good! na na na na na na na! I knew that I would! na na na na na na na!"

Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

April 2018 - We had great fun making our own gingerbread men today! Luckily they didn't run away and we were able to eat them. They were delicious! 

April 2018 - We have been exploring time and ordering/sequencing of events in maths this week. 

We worked in teams to make a marmalade sandwich as quickly as we could in the correct order. We had great fun and cheered our team members on!

March 2018 - When we arrived at school we had a wonderful surprise! Our outdoor learning space had turned into a farm! We had great fun looking at the farm animals. We learnt lots about them and even got to pet and feed them.

Thank you to Jacaranda Farm for a wonderful day!

March 2018 - Our parents and carers came to join us in our classroom on Friday afternoon. They joined in with lots of different reading activities, such as; sequencing stories, writing book reviews, a reading clue hunt, comprehension activities, bookmark making and lots more!

We had a great time showing our grown-ups how fantastic we are at reading!

Today we had a visit from lots of slithery snakes!

We looked after them for the day and made sure they didn't escape!

It was interesting to look at all the different colours and patterns on the snakes and to watch how they moved around. 

Thank you to 'Wet Pets & Reptiles' for giving the snakes to us for the day.

Story time with Miss Wood!

Miss Wood came to read with all the Reception children today. She read the story 'We Three Kings'. The children spotted that the story was very similar to the nativity story they had performed for their parents and carers.

The children loved listening to Miss Wood read and can't wait for her to come back with another story!

October was Black History Month. It was the 27th year of celebrating the contributions that African-Caribbean people have made to British society and culture. 

Class RH decided to learn about Mo Farah. We read the book 'Ready, Steady, Mo' and talked about the hard work and dedication Mo Farah has put into his running. We tried running around the hall as fast as possible for 5 minutes, without stopping. We found this very tiring! We talked about the key word 'stamina'. We then continued to improve our stamina, in running races, cheering each other on.

We even had a go at doing the 'MoBot!'

The children had a great time showing their parents and carers around their classroom.

We did lots of different craft activities that matched our topic on 'Space'.

We were able to show our adults all what we have been learning this half term.

Thank you to all those adults who joined in with us! :)

During the Spring term we had the chance to look after some chicken eggs. We watched them carefully in the incubator for a few days until we started to see little cracks in the shells. When we came back into school in the morning we found that 6 chicks had hatched over night. We began to look after these chicks, feeding them and cleaning them. Then, we were lucky enough to see 2 more chicks hatch live during the day. The children were all very excited! We each took a turn to hold or stroke the chicks and watched them run around the classroom. 'Chicken Run' was attempted by some cheeky chicks but luckily non escaped!

When the farmer came to pick them up he said we had done a fantastic job looking after them.

Well done Reception!