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The EYFS children had a great time doing Christmas crafts with their grown ups :)

Reception Forest School - Autumn

Here are some pictures of our forest school adventures during the Autumn term. 

For our science lesson this week, we celebrated World Science Day. Our very own Mrs Moore from year 3/4 came to tell us all about her previous job as a scientist and also shared some super science facts with us.
Mrs Moore showed us pictures of a laboratory and how to take specimens. Do you know Mrs Moore had to test blood, wee and poo for the hospital to make sure the patients could get better!
Mrs Moore then informed us that in our bodies we have electricity and when we held hands and a special bulb it lit up with multicolour lights. Finally, we learnt about magnetic forces and how we could move the car (paper clip), around the road.

During independent learning time, we got to be scientists. We dressed in our lab coats with our surgical gloves and goggles. We used the magnifying glass to examine the spider and snake skin and also explored the electricity in our bodies using the special bulb. We also experimented with magnets and explored how to use magnetic forces to move metal objects around.
Mrs Moore also showed us how to make lava lamps and we each had a go adding together all the ingredients and watched them react with each other to create a lava lamp effect.

How lovely to have our Reception parents and carers in school with us today.
Thank you for completing the family portrait with your child. We will be sharing them with the class this week as part of our literacy topic.

Thank you for joining us in class. We hope you had fun being a reception child for the afternoon :)

It was so great to have our grandparents in school with us today. We filled in a questionnaire to find out about what our grandparents liked when they were children. We also read the story 'Gran' and talked about adventures that we could go on with our grandparents.
We then showed our grandparents our classroom and they took part in independent learning challenges with us. We had a great time!

Thank you to all the grandparents who joined us today, we hope you enjoyed it too :)

Nursery Parent & Grandparent Stay and Play

A big thank you to all the parents and grandparents that came to our play and stay sessions. It was lovely to see the children showing their adult everything they have learnt in Nursery so far. It is almost the end of of the Autumn 1 term and already the children are settled in and following class routines. They are becoming very independent and definitely know their way around the classroom. We are so proud of them and we hope you are too.

We look forward to sharing the next stay and play session with you.

Reception children went on a walk to Royton Park. We all held onto the rope bus as we walked safely from school to the park. Once we got there, we went on a hunt to see what autumn things we could find. We found; conkers, brown leaves, yellow leaves, orange leaves, twigs, pine cones and berries. We also spotted 8 squirrels and watched them climb up the trees we were stood next to. We followed the path through the park and pointed out the different landmarks such as; the gate, the play area, the bench area, the bowling green etc.
We talked about how the weather had changed from summer and what autumn was doing to the leaves on the trees.
We crunched the leaves under our feet and even threw them into the air to make it rain leaves.
We brought some of the things we found back to the classroom to look at with our friends and talk about our walk.

Today is World Heart Day, so for our science lesson today, we learnt all about our bodies, in particular, our hearts.
We talked about what was under our skin and looked at a model of a skeleton. We then discussed the special organs we have in our bodies and what their jobs are.
We then focused on the heart and it's important job for our bodies. We felt our own pulses and also used our hands to demonstrate how the blood pumps in and out of the heart. We watched a video about World Heart Day and discussed how we could look after our hearts, such as; healthy eating and exercise.
We then used some special technology to see what the inside of our body would look like and hear the heart beating.

The children then became doctors and nurses this afternoon and looked after our 2 poorly class bears.

The children loved exploring the props and talking to their friends about what they had learnt.

Let's keep those hearts healthy! :)

In Reception, we read the book ‘Happy in Our Skin’ and talked about what our skin does for us. We looked at our own skin and talked about what we could see. We discussed freckles, moles, birth marks and scars. We then looked at how different our skin was to all of our friends. We discussed how some skin was paler and some darker. Some skin had red or pink tones and some yellow or tan tones. When we asked the children if it mattered what colour skin they had, they all shouted “no!”. We are all proud of our skin and we even shared hugs with our friends in the class to show that skin colour doesn’t stop us being super friends :)