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Spring Term - Heritage Week

During the final week of the spring half term, all of Key Stage 2 took part in local Heritage Week in association with Historic England. 

Each class was assigned an historic site from across Oldham to protect from being demolished for new houses. Each class had to create a persuasive argument as well as a creative response to convince a representative from Historic England to save their site. The sites ranged from Alexandra Park to Oldham Town Hall and beyond. 

On Friday, Daisy from Historic England came into school to hear each class's persuasive presentation. Daisy was really impressed with all of the presentations as they were so persuasive, passionate and powerful. In the end Daisy decided to save Lion Mill from demolition. 

5C - Lion Mill, Royton

We have really enjoyed researching Lion Mill this week as part of Heritage Week. We thought about what we knew already about the mill and what we needed to research. We used primary and secondary sources as well as maps to really understand the mill's role in the community both now and in the past. Then we used our learning of persuasive devices in English to create a persuasive letter to Daisy from Historic England.

In addition, we wanted to create a piece of art that represented Lion Mill at the heart of our local community. We were inspired by local artist Julian Bovis' piece called ' The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn' which is about Saddleworth. We created our art piece about important places in Royton with  the mill being the centre of the community.  

Heritage Week Winners! Well done 5C!