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Reading at Royton Hall

At Royton Hall, the teaching of reading is always a priority. We recognise our responsibility to ensure our children leave primary school as proficient readers with secure comprehension skills that enable them to be successful and reach their full potential, both academically and socially.

We strive to ensure children are able to read fluently, confidently and with understanding across a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, in order to develop knowledge of themselves and the world around them. To achieve this, we focus on equipping all children with the necessary decoding and comprehensive skills and provide ample opportunity for children to consolidate these skills.

Our school encourages all children to foster a love of reading, to appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage and to develop the habit of reading widely and often for both pleasure and to retrieve information.

Children need to be able to communicate and express themselves clearly. We aim to support children in acquiring a rich, varied vocabulary through opportunities to hear adults reading, be heard reading themselves and to engage in talk around a book, noticing links or similarities between authors and sharing personal opinions.

Reading is encouraged and celebrated. Classroom reading areas are well-stocked and attractive. Children earn rewards for regular reading at home and enrichment opportunities throughout the year reinforce a positive ethos around reading in school.

English at Royton Hall

Our writing process aims to teach children to become independent writers with their own writing style. It is taught through high quality texts and stimuli with links to the wider curriculum where appropriate.  Grammar and vocabulary are taught through the writing genres.  Year groups follow the English Overview to ensure a wide range of genres are taught and revisited. 


'On the line, on the left!' Royton Hall's handwriting policy