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History - 8.3.22

Today we learnt about the Norman invasion and the Battle of Hastings in 1066!


Have a look at us acting the key events which occurred before, during and after the battle...

Class 1C Norman Invasion roleplay

When King Edward the Confessor died on January 5, 1066,  several men claimed the right to be the next king of England, these included William (the duke of Normandy) and Harold (the earl of Wessex in England).

On his deathbed, Edward the Confessor said Harold could be king after him! The day after Edward died, Harold was crowned King Harold II.


William of Normandy said that the throne had been promised to him. He began making plans to invade England and fight King Harold, then he sailed across the sea with lots of his Norman soldiers!

On September 28 1066, William, King Harold and their armies fought in the Battle of Hastings!


King Harold was killed in battle, so William the Duke of Normandy became the king of England. He was was given a new name - William the Conqueror.