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For the most up to date information about Corona Virus and how we are all responding to this situation please view our Corona Virus Information page via this LINK or via the Key Information Menu.

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Corona Virus Information



Please note that school will continue to open for our Key Worker children over the usual Easter holiday period except Good Friday and Easter Monday


Your teacher will send some activities home for the two week Easter period. Please note that these are optional as we know this would normally be your holidays. 


School is now closed for most children. Whilst we are open for some children the Government advise that where a child can be cared for safely at home then they should be.


Please note that the council website is updated with Covid-19 information on a regular basis 


Thank you so much for all of your support and patience; it is greatly appreciated.  We will continue to keep you updated via emails and the website. 


In the meantime, whilst we encourage the children to work at home this is not intended to add to any stress levels for parents. Work in small chunks when you know your child is more responsive. Their welfare is more important at this time.


Stay safe everyone!


From Miss Wood

Usually on a Monday I would say "Good morning everybody!"

and you would say?........


Oh I do miss seeing you all! Here we are at the start of another week working in a different way. It's very quiet in school but we do have a few children here who have parents working on the front line. I am so proud of you all for having a go at your work even though it's in your own house and it probably feels really strange that your parent is trying to teach you. I know my little grandson finds it strange that his mummy is teaching him his phonics.


I bet you miss seeing your friends but I know some of you may have seen them on your phones or iPads or played your games on the internet. Please remember what you were taught in school about being kind online and what to do if you feel uncomfortable online too.


The weather has been nice so at least it isn't raining every day. Are you managing to do some exercise? I wonder if you could invent some new games to teach your friends when we do eventually get back to school. 



Keep checking in with our website and our Facebook page for any news and updates.

Take care everyone.



Miss Wood




Supporting Children & Young People During COVID-19 Pandemic